Blog Relaunch, Life Updates, and Future projects

Nov 28, 2021

Hello, fellow software enthusiast!

It has been a bit since my last blog entry but hoping to relaunch the ScottH Tech Blog. I hope to use this outlet to update the software project I am working on and the general usage tip software I make. Expect a new blog post towards the end of each month.

Since I last writing, I start made lots of little changes to  including adding subscription and user portal features. I hope to add software bundles. I have also started part-time/contracted work for Solar2D and have been updating plugins, working on new plugins, and small core engine tweaks. When writing this, I am about done with a Samsung In-App Purchase plugin for Solar2D. I started doing work for Solar2D to try to make some quality of life improvements and keep things up to date on Ad Services provided. As for other life stuff, I have recently got into Florida State University for Master Program in Information Technology and working on my private pilot certification.

It has been a while since I have launched any new personal plugins for Solar2D, and I hope to throw my back in the ring with a small Flashlight plugin. It should be out in the next several days on Solar2D Marketplace.

I have also been working on a lot of new non Solar2D related projects. Including helping one of friends write a React/React Native project called AtLocal. AtLocal in a board is designed to help small local businesses connect and inform locals and visitors. We are still in startup mode with it but have a lot of great promise.

Marketplace Announcement

March 30, 2020

I am happy to announce that the beta of Scott H Tech marketplace ready for launch.

There are five plugins available right now on the marketplace. All plugins my plugins from the Corona Marketplace will transfer over. Also, all the new plugins that I make will be available here.

This marketplace is still beta, and there will be a couple of bugs. But after heavy testing, everything seems to be working. You can also expect a lot of design changes during beta.

There are two paid plugins at launch. The payments are made securely through Stripe. No credit card or address are processed or stored on my end.

In the near future, the marketplace will support 3rd parties and subscriptions. Stay tuned for more details on this next month.

Check it Out