Airprint plugin

This plugin allows you to print images, pdf,and markup docs via airprint


If you have a developer account you can test airprint via mac with print simulator


only supports iOS(6+)


airprint.print(file, listener, duplex, orientation)

file(path)(required) the path of the file you would like to print

listener(function)(optional) status of print

  • event.status
    • "completed"
    • "cancelled"
    • "error"
  • event.error (string) --description of error(only returned if status == "error")

duplex(string)(optional) set duplex for print

  • "none"- No double-sided (duplex) printing; single-sided printing only.(deafult)
  • "longEdge" - Duplex printing that flips the back page along the long edge of the paper.
  • "shortEdge" - Duplex print that flips the back page along the short edge of the paper.

orientation(string)(optional) orientation for print

  • "landscape"
  • "portrait"(deafult)

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