Apple Sign In Plugin

This plugin allows you to do an Apple Sign In in iOS 13+


this plugin only works with iOS 13+ and iOS Simulator 13+

Note: "when an existing user logs into your app, Apple doesn’t provide the email and full name"

Functions:, listener)

type(string)(optional) can be nil, "email"(returns the following events to the listener : note this could be personal or apple email),"name" ( returns the following events to the listener: event.fullName which is a table that returns event.fullName.givenName(string aka first name) and .fullName.familyName(string aka Last name)), and "nameAndEmail" (returns name and email events)

listener(function) listener which will return events. An addition to the events in type above: event.isError(boolean was login successful), event.error(string will return error if isError is true), event.identityToken(string), event.authorizationCode(string) and event.user(string user ID will return if login was successful)

appleSignIn.getCredentialState(userId,listener)--Returns the credential state for the given user

userId(string) user id (found from event.user in )

listener(function) returns event.type = "revoked", "notFound", "authorized", or "transferred"

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