Card IO Plugin

This plugin allows you can scan credit cards via cardIO popup


Only works on iOS and Android

Functions:, reason)

--listener (Required)(function) this will return event.status. Statuses are "succeeded" and "cancelled". Also returns these events if status == "succeeded", note not all events are returned

  • event.expiry (string) expiry on card example "01/2020"
  • event.cvv (string) Card verification value example "911"
  • event.cardNumber (string) example "5105105105105100"
  • event.cardType (string) credit card types: "Ambiguous"(ios only), "Unknown", "Amex", "Japan Credit Bureau", "Visa", "Mastercard", "Discover", or "Maestro"(android only) type example "Amex"
  • event.redactedCardNumber (string) example "...........1111"
  • event.postalCode (string) required by certain countries example "73301"
  • event.cardholderName (string) name on card example "John Smith"

--cardScaning (optional)(table) set the following keys in the table to true to allow that data to be returned

  • cardholderName
  • expiry
  • postalCode
  • cvv

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