Facebook Analytics Plugin

This plugin allows you to log events though facebook analytics for iOS(8+) and Android(4.0 +)

Facebook plugin:

Make sure you require the facebook plugin before facebook analytics like so



-- initialize facebook analytics

facebookAppId(string) add Facebook App Id


--call function to enable debug mode


--id(string) set user id for updating user properties


--data(table) use to set properties like shoe size based on userId entered(with .setUserID)

There is a 100 property limit, but the following pre defined properties don't count against limit

  • account_created_time -- The time when the user's account was created, as a unix timestamp.
  • city -- The city in which the user lives.
  • country -- The country in which the user lives.
  • gender -- The gender of the user. To get consistent analytics, set this to 'm' or 'f'.
  • install_source -- The source from which the user installed your app.
  • language -- The user's preferred language.
  • state -- The state in which the user lives.
  • user_type -- The type of the user. You define the types to get the analytics results you want.
  • zipcode -- The user's zip code.

facebookAnalytics.logPurchase(cost, currency)

-- cost(number)(required) the price of the item purchased

-- currency(string)(required) the currency used to make purchase

facebookAnalytics.logEvent(eventName, valueToSum, params)

-- eventName(string)(required) the name of the event you would like to trigger

-- valueToSum(number)(optional) used for send values for thing like price of item viewed

-- params(number)(optional) other params of eventhere(App Event Schema)


used to limit tracking

How to setup:

Make sure you go to https://developers.facebook.com and setup and account and app (for iOS and/or Android) before using this plugin

The build.setting mirrors that of corona sdks facebook plugin, please check out there guide for iOS and Android

Helpful Links:

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