Firebase Invites Plugin

This plugin is used to allow you to send out invites to your app via the Firebase Invites Pop up


this plugin works with iOS and Android. Note iOS you must be signed into google.



-- setup, title, deepLink, callToActionText, customImage, lis, clientId)

message(string)(optional) message of pop up (must not exceed 100 characters)

title(string) title of pop up

deepLink(string)(optional) sets the deepLink for the invitation

callToActionText(string)(optional) Sets the text shown on the email or text invitation button to install the app(must not exceed 32 characters)

customImage(string)(optional) Sets an image for invitations. The imageURL is required to be in absolute format.

lis(function) if event.isError == true then a event.error is returned, if event.isError == false then an array of strings for event.invitationIds is returned

clientId(string)(optional) client id for other platform, on iOS it is Assndroid client id, on Android it is iOS client ID.

Url Schemes:

You should be able to get the data on via url schemes.

Build Settings:

Before you start, please make sure you have you sha1 and sha256 setup in you setting of your android firebase console. Please note this changes your google-services.json so you need to download a new verison to put in you app. Also make sure you have Associated Domains enabled in app id. If it is not then go to apple developer profile> Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles> app id> click on the id you would like to use> click edit> check the Associated Domains box> then done. Now go your provisioning profiles and redownload and install the profile.

Make sure you download and include GoogleServices-Info.plist and put in root folder of corona project. Also add your google-services.json to your root folder and useGoogleServicesJson = true in build.settings. Also add your deep link to your build.settings (as seen bellow).

Helpful Links:

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