Messenger Share Plugin

This plugin allows you to share content(like links, photos) via Messenger(or Facebook Messenger).


Only works on iOS and Android. You can only send video on Android due to the fact that on iOS you can only share videos via camera roll(asset library). Also just doing .show() with no content on android with add a link to due to the fact that you cannot open messanger on android without out content


messengerShare.canShow()--(boolean) with return ture if messanger can be opened(note LSApplicationQueriesSchemes on iOS)


all images must be paths via system.pathForFile

Content type

  • images(pass in array full of image paths) hashtag(string "#CoronaSdk")
  • url(string) quote(string) title(string) imageUrl(path) contentDescription(string)


To get a facebook id please check out this guide corona made on setup facebook dev account here, make sure you create a new app(or use existing app) and grab the facebook id

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