Pdf Image Converter Plugin

This plugin allows you to convert image to a pdf and a pdf to an image


this plugin works on android and iOS


pdfImageConverter.toImage(pdfFile, pageNum, imagePath)

--convert pdf to image

pdfFile(string)(required), path to import pdf file via pathForFile

pageNum(number) page number to render (deafult is 0)

imagePath(string)(required), path to export image file via pathForFile


-- returns pdf page total (number)

pdfFile(string)(required), path to pdf file via pathForFile

pdfImageConverter.toPdf(imagePath, pdfFile)

-- image to pdf

imagePath(string)(required), path to import image file via pathForFile

pdfFile(string)(required), path to export pdf file via pathForFile

pdfImageConverter.combinePdf(pdf1, pdf2, outputPDF)

-- combines 2 pdfs

pdf1(string)(required), path to combine first pdf file via pathForFile

pdf2(string)(required), path to combine secord pdf file via pathForFile

outputPDF(string)(required), path to export pdf file via pathForFile

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