Pebble plugin

This plugins uses the Pebble sdk to communicate between the pebble watch and the phone.


only works with iOS 7.1+ ( and bluetooth le devices iphone 4s+ ) and android ( verison requirements not stated but 4.0+ is recommended )


Please read the guide to publishing on the apple app store. You will need to a pebble app to commucate to. You will most likly need a pebble to test this plugin. You can find the orignal pebble pretty cheap (around 20$) here. Also background processing is not supported.


pebble.init(UUID, listener, openApp)

UUID (required)

String: the App UUID genratate automatically when you create a pebble app. In cloud pebble it is located under settings

listener (required)

Function: This lets you know if the watch is connected or has lost connection. Also handles incoming messages from pebble.

  • event.type
    • "watch connection" -- if watch is connected or not
    • "app message"-- if data is received from epbble
  • event.response
    • for event.type :"watch connection"
    • "watch connected"-- able to connect to watch
    • "watch disconnected"-- lost connection to watch
    • for event.type :"app message"
    • string sent from 0 index of pebble dictionary

openApp (required)

Boolean: if true this will open the app with UUID above, if false the app will not open with UUID above.


Return boolean: true = connected , false = not connected

pebble.send(message, listener)

message (required)

String: string you want to send to pebble. Send in the 0 index of pebble dictionary

listener (required)

Function: let you know if a the message was send successfully

  • event.response
    • "message sent" -- message was sent to pebble successfully
    • "unable to send message" -- message was unable to be sent to pebble


stops looking data from watch

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Publishing pebble app

Make sure you whitelist your app before publishing: here

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