Quick Action plugin

Quick Action Plugin(App shortcuts) allows you handle and set shortcuts for your app.


only works with iOS 9+


please note not all built in icons will work with ios devices running bellow ios 9.1. List of icons here



--return a array of tables with title, subtitle, and type inside each table


icons (required)(array)

Please insert tables into table. In each table should be type( used to as id for example play game), icon( should be " " for default which is a dot, an image file( Icons should be square, only black, and 35x35 pixels), or one of apples build in icons (see list here and make sure the first letter is capitalized) ), title, and subtitle(optional)

If you want to clear all Dynamic Action(see guide below) just call quickAction.setShortcuts({})

Runtime listener:

To listen for actions when an app is opened (or in background) add a runtime listener to "quickAction". the listener will return localizedTitle, type, openType("background launch" or "fresh launch"),and subtitle

Dynamic Action Vs Static Actions:

Dynamic: If you make actions via quickAction.setShortcuts they are considered dynamic and can be deleted or changed

Static: actions that are defined in build.settings( see build.setting bellow for example) cannot be deleted or changed


Helpful Links:

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