Textbelt Plugin

This plugins uses Textbelt. Which allows you to send sms messages.

Limitations: Textbelt is now a paid service if you don't want to setup textbelt on your own server (see textbelt.init function). See textbelt website for info on carrier support (here)


textbelt.init(key) -- textbelt key

key(string) -- found on text belt site

textbelt.sendText(number, message ,lis)


the phone number to send text message to


the message you would like to send


    • event.isError
      event.error returns("unable to send", "unable to connect")
      event.status returns("success", "error")
      event.data returns tables
  • Variables:

    textbelt.serverIp --(string) if you are hosting textbelt for your own server

    textbelt.serverIpHttps --(boolean)should use https with your server (default is true)

    App transport securtiy url(s):


    Set NSIncludesSubdomains = true, check out Corona's guide here

    Build Settings:

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