Yelp Plugin

This plugins uses Yelp. Which is a places search enigine.


yelp.init("Consumer Key", "Consumer Secret", "Token", "Token Secret")

-- all this info can be found in yelp dev page under ({term= "food", location= "San Francisco"}, listener)

The search table ({term= "food", location= "San Francisco"} this part) can contain all the following (must include location of some sort)

--term(search word)

--limit(how many we want)

--offset( the list of returned business results by this amount)

--sort(0=Best matched (default), 1=Distance, 2=Highest Rated)

--category_filter( see list )

--radius_filter( meter around area, you may get an error if larger than 4000 meter or 25 miles)

--deals_filter(Whether to exclusively search for businesses with deals)

--location (address, neighborhood, city, state or zip, optional country)

--cll ( all one word no spaces, but commas separating ("11.99,11.99") of latitude and longitude )

--bounds ( all one word no spaces, but commas separating of sw_latitude, sw_longitude, ne_latitude, and ne_longitude )

--ll (all one word no spaces, but commas separating latitude,longitude,accuracy,altitude,altitude_accuracy)

-- for more detail vist , but there are all the params supported (which is all of them at this time)

-- listener(function) returns event.status , event.response

event.response = returns a table with all the data which can be found at

event.status = network status

App transport securtiy url(s):

Set NSIncludesSubdomains = true, check out Corona's guide here


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