Scene Kit Plugin (Beta)

This plugin allows you make 3d games using apples scene kit library. Note this is a native 3d engine plugin not some 2d/2.5d plugin.

Pricing: I cannot prommise this will be free forever. I will probaly charge once this plugin is out of beta. This is a very big plugin which will require alot of maintenance and support.


Only works on iOS 8+ and tvOS 9+ (macOS 10.8+ hopefully coming soon, please request corona labs to link scene kit framework). Scene kit is write on top of Corona Open Gl. This mean what ever you display in Corona will be displayed behind all 3d objects.

Please Note: when node is said, I am referring to 3d scene kit nodes (newBox, newModel, newNode, etc).

How does the coordinate system work? Y+ = up , Y- = down, X+= right, X- = left, Z+ = closer to you, Z- equals far away. Please note 0,0 is the middle of the screen. Corona coords are different from scene kit coords



Add autocomplete to atom editor

Vist github page



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